AdistemPhotoactivated Platelet Rich Plasma (PA-PRP)

Developed by AdiStem as means to provide a far higher standard for Platelet Rich Plasma treatments through bio stimulation of photoactive cells of the nucleus.


- Knee Therapy has many advantages over the usual surgical methods which may lead to post surgical complications
- Are you suffering from osteoarthritis and tired of dealing with pain? PAPRP treatments for Knees or joints can significantly reduce osteoarthritis symptoms without surgery
- Common knee problems like Osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries and muscular damage can be helped using Photoactivated platelet rich plasma therapy
- Knee treatments resolve pain and can restore mobility

PA-PRP Hair Treatment

- By injecting growth factors extracted from your blood. PAPRP therapy can effectively reverse hair loss.
- Help with stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.
- Enhance the health of your hair with PAPRP hair loss procedure. Stop thinning hair and start feeling great again.
- Hair treatment that effectively reverses the thinning of hair using stem cell therapy and human growth factors from your own blood.


The PA-PRP facial therapy uses growth factors from your blood platelets to restore the glow in your skin and repair skin damage with a natural, non-surgical procedure.
- Injections of photo activated platelet rich plasma are used to freshen your face and bring back a youthful look without surgery
- Treatment for the face is a non-surgical procedure that achieves a youthful glow to skin and improves texture.
- Injection of photo activated platelet rich plasma derived from your blood is effective for skin tightness

- ONLY PA-PRP can provide a revitalising drip for a quick rejuvenating therapy


Stem cells are the building blocks of all our body cells. They are primitive, pluripotent or multipotent cells that can transform to become any of the body’s manycell types.
“Autologous” means that the stem cells will come from the body of very sameindividual who will receive the treatment.
Stem cells will home in on areas wherethere is inflammation (signaling painor injury) –and they will repair/regenerate:
1. Skin 6. Hair
2. Lung 7. Sexual Performance/Function
3. Blood Pressure 8. Liver
4. Bladder Function 9. Increased General Energy
5. Kidney Function

Possible Treatment for:


MD / MS / HC

Lung Disorders

Diabetes Type 2

Heart Disease

Chronic Hepatitis



Memory Loss


CFS / Fibromyalgia

Colitis, IBS, Crohn’s

Kidney Disease

Sport Injury Rotator Cuff

Chronic Migraine

Liver Disease

Joint Recon for Hips and Knees


Stroke / HTN

Allergy / Sinusitis

Autism, CP, Ataxia

Heart Conditions

Sex Dysfunction

Acne, eczema


Prostate Disorders

Herniated Disks


Heartburn, Gastritis, GERD

Emphysema / IPF

Spinal Cord Injury





Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy

Latest, most potent form of human stem cell treatment using patient's own peripheral blood as the source of the stem cells. Patented isolation technology provides for up to 240 million cells to be processed safely and effectively for the benefit of the patient


Exosomes Immunology

A definitive immune treatment for cancer; zero side effects; Immune modulated so accuracy is both natural and effective


Auto Immune Disease Treatment

This is an antigen specific therapy, designed to train the immune system recognize the body as self and not foreign. This way, any auto immune condition can be completely reversed in as little as two to three months of monthly treatments.

Regenerative Medicine


Most advanced branch of Medicine involving the use of the Regenerative Medicine to help patients reverse degenerative disease.

Increases longevity
Reduces the effects of aging
Can be used to regenerate damaged organs, skin and bones
Can be used to treat heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, neurological disorders and age related disease
Hair, retina and nerve regeneration
Skin, cartilage, bone and tooth regeneration
Heart, liver, brain tissue regeneration
Macular degeneration prevention


Nutrient Supplement


A host of Nutrients such as CoQ10 to provide one of the most important factors in cell energy production / ATP production.

The Multiple Health Benefits of CoQ10 Therapy

1. Generation of energy in every cell tissue, and organ of the body;
2. Prevention and treatment of a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases, including congestive heart failure, angina pectoris (heart pain), cardiac arrhythmias, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis;
3. Prevention and treatment of cancer of the breast, lung, colon, prostate, and other types of cancer;
4. Treatment of several types of muscular dystrophy;
5. Treatment of periodontal disease;
6. Protection against ischemic damage from accidents and surgical procedures, especially in the heart;
7. Protection against the side effects of toxic drugs;
8. Protection against the cellular damage of excessive free radical activity


• Moisturize and rejuvenate your skin with glutathione drip. It helps you achieve whiter skin, and also removes skin blemishes such as scars, pigmentation, and uneven skin tones, and suppresses the formation of pimples.
• Achieve radiant, glowing skin and look younger by availing beauty treatments at MIMMO Molecular Immunology.
• Get rid of dark spots on your skin.
• Effective procedure to improve and whiten sensitive skin
• Suitable for both men and women